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6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed

A good night’s sleep is just as important as a good diet and exercise plan to help you lose weight. Many studies have found a link between lack of sleep and weight gain. One big reason: Your hormones—specifically the ones that regulate hunger. One study, for example, found that sleep-deprived people had higher levels of the appetite-boosting hormone ghrelin and lower levels of leptin, the hormone that tells you when you’re full. You know what happens when those two are out of balance.

Another reason: When you’re tired, your energy levels are likely to make the couch—and not the walking trail—look like the perfect place to be. In fact, a 2008 review study in the journal Obesity found that sleep-deprived people spent more time watching TV than doing something active.

10 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Health

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Most sleep experts recommend that you maintain a consistent sleep routine: Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on the weekends; exercise regularly; get a good dose of sunshine (to set your internal clock); keep it low-key before you hit the hay, and avoid foods and beverages that can interfere with your eight hours. Here are some foods you should never eat before bed:

1. Anything with Caffeine
You know tea and coffee have this pick-me-up ingredient that can keep you awake at night, but did you know that chocolate and colas do, too? There are a few more sources that might surprise you. For example, some non-cola sodas also have caffeine. One citrus-flavored brand has 41 milligrams per serving—about half the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Energy bars and drinks often rely on caffeine for their boost. And watch out for ice cream and yogurt, particularly those with coffee, mocha or “java,” which is just another word for coffee.

How to Cut Back on Soda

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2. Alcohol
A glass or two of wine may help you fall asleep, but it won’t be restful. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, studies have consistently shown that having a drink or two within an hour of bedtime increases wakefulness during the second—and most important—half of the sleep cycle. You’re likely to wake up and not be able to get back to sleep readily, leaving you exhausted (and hungry) the next day.

3. Fatty Foods
There are three big reasons not to indulge in greasy burgers, fries, and full-fat ice cream during the day. You can guess the first—they’re unhealthy and fattening. But the other two relate to sleep. If you have acid reflux or even just suffer from occasional heartburn, fatty meals can wake you—painfully—many times a night. Fatty foods are harder to digest, so they’re in your digestive system longer, requiring more acid to break them down. And they can contribute to weight gain by interfering with your sleep. Studies suggest that a high fat diet may decrease your sensitivity to orexin, a chemical that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Rats on a high fat menu stopped responding effectively to orexin, decreased their physical activity, and gained weight.

How to Cut Back on Unhealthy Fats

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4. Spicy Foods
Of course, we all know that spicy foods can lead to indigestion and that can keep us up at night. But that’s only one way that evening enchilada can interfere with our ZZZs. One small study found that a spicy meal (the researchers doused it with Tabasco sauce and mustard) kept their subjects up at night possibly because it increased their body temperatures. A night-time drop in body temperature is suspected to be an essential trigger for sleep.

5. Citrus Fruits
Not only does the acid in citrus trigger heartburn, aromatherapists use the essential oils of citrus fruits as an energizer—not something you want right before bed.

5 Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food

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6. A Big Drink of Anything
Drinking even one glass of water before bed can get you up once—or more frequently—to urinate at night. But make sure you’re well hydrated during the day otherwise what might wake you up is a painful nighttime leg cramp, usually in the calf or feet, caused by dehydration.

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Friday Faves

Heyyyy! Happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

We’re just chillin’ in San Diego, beach-ing, shopping, adventuring, and eating all of the amazing food.

Beach girls

San diego

It’s so weird because I feel like we’ve been gone for so long, but at the same time, it’s like we’ve never left. I can still drive around without needing my GPS all the time, and it feels comforting to have such a familiarity about the location while we’ve been on *vacation.* Usually the initial part of a trip is spent figuring out where to go and the various neighborhoods; we’ve been able to jump back into our tried and true faves. (At the same time, I think we’ve gone zero new places haha.) We’re having such an amazing time hanging out with all of our friends and chilling at our standard spots.

Some of the things we’ve done so far:

The zoo! We spent half of Sunday at the zoo, and it was perfection.

Gorilla face

The weather was beautiful (we call it “heaven-ty degrees”) and the girls loved seeing the animals. We used to come to the zoo all the time when we were members, but P was so little that she doesn’t remember it at all. Since she’s definitely aware and very into her surroundings, it felt like she was seeing everything for the first time.

Sleepy panda

P and the goat

A lemur hopped up onto the fence and the look on her face was pure gold. Like, “Omg, what is that thing?!”

W the girls at the zoo

We’ve been going to a lot of the usual places:

Tiki Port for smoothies and acai bowls, 

Acai bowl

Liberty Public Market (a few times) for poke bowls, kombucha on tap, and baked goods from Crafted,

Public marke

Dinner in Old Town,

Old town

the Children’s Museum,

Childrens museum

Kid Ventures,

the girls’ favorite park at Liberty Station + Point Loma Sports Club,

Postmates pho and lettuce wraps from OB Noodle House,

swimming at the hotel pool,

taking fitness classes,

Barre tank

(so far it’s been Orangetheory and barre at Barre Body, where I used to teach)

Gymming it

Better Buzz (every day. Not even a little sorry)

Better buzz

Avo toast

and just hanging out at Betsy’s house.

W my love

We were all curled up on the couch one night watching a movie, and it definitely felt like the good ol’ days. She had a little Valentine’s get-together at her house the other night, and invited all of Liv’s friends from school + our parent friends. It felt like we just picked up where we left off, and we enjoyed pizza, wine, desserts, and great conversation while the kiddos ran around like crazy.

Dessert party

Moniker General

(They have food and cocktails now! The kale salad was amazing.)

I think that maybe I’d be ready to go home after being here for a while, but nope. Not even close. I asked Liv if she was having fun, and she said, “San Diego is the most magical place ever. I don’t want to go back to Georgia.” Real talk…

In pb

I’m glad we still have some time here, and we’re

Some more faves from the week and around the web: 


Four Sigmatic has decaf! I’d been missing my mushroom coffee since I stopped drinking caffeine last summer. I was so pumped to see that they have a decaf version. I didn’t want to bring the bag with us in my suitcase (especially when Better Buzz is around the corner), but I’m excited to give it a whirl when we’re back. 

Four sigmatic decaf

(On a random note: in my Fri Faves post about the dip nail polish, I was asked to update on how hard they were to take off and how they lasted. They started peeling at the bottom, so I took them off to see if it would be a PITA. It took a long time, but it wasn’t too bad. For our trip, I got dip nails professionally just to see how they did it. YOU GUYS. It took over an hour! I was sitting there trying not to be impatient… it’s hard for me to sit still while someone messes with my hands for an hour. And they’re bumpy and one cracked already. Sooooo I’ll be continuing to do them myself. I’m interested to see if these ones take even longer to take off because I think she put a gel top coat on them.)

These crackers. When I saw these at Trader Joe’s, I figured I’d try them out, especially after trying (and despising) these fibrous creations. They’re SO good. They taste awesome with a smear of peanut butter and some strawberries, but an IG friend said I need to try them with Kerrygold butter and a sprinkle of salt. YAS.


Protein-packed breakfast ideas.

These almond joy bars look magical.

Try making enchiladas with homemade sauce. It’s a game-changer, I tell ya.

Great healthy recipe ideas in this post.

Read + watch:

Book suggestions to build character.

Favorite kids’ audiobooks. (I’m going to download some new ones to listen to while the girls and I are driving around.)

Truthful thoughts about Valentine’s Day.


A quick power yoga video (30 minutes).

Try this upper body burner from Winter Shape Up!

Running could help us cope with stress. (I’m a believer that all aerobic exercise can do this!)

The Bachelor workout. I still haven’t watched this past week’s episode! Please don’t give me too many spoilers, but rate on a scale of 1-10 for the drama factor. 

Studies that could change the way you work out.

Have a wonderful Friday and I’ll see ya later this weekend with meals and fitness for the week! 



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5 Hearty Sandwich Recipes You Need to Bookmark

Thanks to John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, an 18th century English aristocrat who is credited with making the concept of the “sandwich” popular, we have been enjoying delicious creations for centuries. Of course, it always seems that someone is coming up with a new and creative spin on sandwich recipes, and that’s what makes them so perfect. It’s hard to tire of a food that you can constantly switch up.

In this round-up, we’ve taken some of the most traditionally popular sandwich recipes and made them healthier. With some easy changes and some extra usage of veggies, you can still have some of your favorite sandwich recipes of all time while sticking to your healthy eating plan.

Here are five of the heartiest sandwich recipes that you need to bookmark ASAP:

1. Chicken Sausage and Peppers Sandwich >

Sausage and Roasted Pepper Sandwich

If you love sausage and pepper sandwiches but haven’t found a way to fit them into your healthy lifestyle, then you must give one of our favorite sandwich recipes a shot. Given the fact that chicken sausage typically has half the calories of traditional pork sausage, it’s a much healthier alternative—and delicious, too. This recipe combines Italian seasoned chickened sausage with sautéed peppers and onions on a toasted whole wheat bun. It’s hearty and filling while only setting you back a mere 310 calories.

The Top Pinned Flex Meals & Snacks of 2017

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2. Skinny Cheese Steak Sandwich >

skinny cheesesteak

Cheesesteak on a healthy eating regimen? Absolutely! If you’re smart about how you prepare it. This recipe uses thinly sliced pieces of flank steak, with the visible fat removed, to keep it lean while still being tasty. Combined with a whole cup of mushrooms, half an onion and a red and green bell pepper, it’s also packed with filling veggies. Topped off with some reduced fat provolone cheese, it will satisfy your cheesesteak fix without wreaking havoc on your diet. The whole sandwich is less than 300 calories! It just goes to show that you can have what you love and still eat healthy with some simple changes to the way you cook.

3. BBQ Chicken Sandwich >

sandwich recipes

There’s nothing quite like the taste of barbecue and with this recipe, you can create a healthier version of a traditional barbecue sandwich. Typically, traditional barbecue goes awry with the use of fat-laden pork and a ton of sugar-packed barbecue sauce. But our version uses chicken breast with just the right amount of sauce. Complete with a healthy coleslaw that packs in the carrots and cabbage, this recipe even gets in some veggie power. Served atop of a whole wheat bun, it’ll satisfy your cravings in a much healthier way than hitting the local BBQ joint.

4. Pulled Pork Tenderloin Sandwich with Vinegar Slaw >

pulled pork

If you really love your pulled pork and our chicken version just isn’t cutting it for you, have no fear—we’ve got you covered there, too. This healthier version of a pulled pork sandwich uses a tenderloin cut instead of the traditionally fatty shoulder or butt that most recipes call for. After trimming away any visible fat, the pork is slow cooked in a delicious combination of seasonings and sauces and then topped with a vinegar cabbage slaw that gives it a crunchy kick. Served atop of a toasted whole wheat roll, it’s both delicious and filling.

The Super Spiralizer: 6 Veggie Noodle Recipes You Need to Try

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5. Turkey, Apple & Swiss Waffle Sandwich >

turkey sandwich

Did we have you at “waffle?” Yes, you heard that one right. This sandwich is made using Nutrisystem Buttermilk waffles in place of bread. It’s an easy and delicious breakfast sandwich that will get your day started on the right foot. Oven roasted deli turkey is made even more flavorful with the addition of some avocado, Swiss cheese, red onion, apple and a handful of spinach leaves. There are so many amazing flavors packed into this single sandwich that it just may become your go-to breakfast food.

Ready for dessert? Check out The 30 Most Pinned Dessert Recipes of 2017 >

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First Half Marathon Training Plan Starts Next Week!

Training plan for your first half marathon! This is a run / walk plan is for someone who wants to complete a half marathon. It’s a 3 day a week program designed to get you to the finish line in about 16 weeks. Let’s go!

Want to run your first half marathon this year?  

Have you been thinking about it for a while?

Not sure where to start or what training plan to use?


first half marathon training plan (534x800)

Hello! Let’s do this! I’ve received a ton of comments that your goal is to run your FIRST or fastest half marathon this year.

Well – I’m going to hook you up with a first time half marathon training plan! No more excuses – you have a plan.
Now pick a race that’s at least 16 weeks out and start training! (We’ll work on the fastest half another time – sorry speedsters!)

Want to join the training group?

1. Start now! February 18 is week 1!!

Train with other runners that share your goal! If you want to start now and train with us you can join in! I’ll send out emails with reminders and tips each week. And I’ll answer questions in the private Facebook group.

I wrote the training plan specifically for a few friends and family members that want to run their first half marathon. So we’ll be training together from now until the goal half marathon June 9th. You can run the race we’re doing or another one that weekend.

Train for your first Half Marathon now!

Subscribe now to get the 16 week half marathon training plan!

Training starts the week of Feb 18 and finished with a half marathon June 9 or 10.

We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

2. If that timing doesn’t work for you – there will be another group starting in July.


first half marathon training plan 18 (800x533)

Information about this half marathon training plan:

1. It’s Run / Walk
It is a walk run plan where you run for a set time and walk for a set time. You repeat those intervals the entire run.
It starts with two minutes of running and one minute of walking. The length of time you run increases as we go along.
‎Eventually you’ll get up to 4 minutes of running 1 minute of walking. It’s better to incorporate walking breaks from the start of your runs than to run until you are completely tired and then start walking. When you plan out walking breaks you end up going faster.
Use your watch, a timer or an app on your phone to set the run / walk intervals so you’re not watching the time. Even if you are running on a treadmill use some sort of tool for the running and walking sections.

2. Are you ready for a half marathon?
The plan is for someone currently working out or walking at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. If you are not doing that you might want to start with a couch to 5K program.

3. How many days a week do I run or workout?
The plan is only 3 runs a week. But you really must do every single workout. This is the minimum amount of running you should do to be ready for 13.1 miles.
You should do these runs on non-consecutive days. So give yourself at least one day of rest in between each.
There is a 5K and a 10K planned into the training. These are optional races. But they are good idea to help you get used to what it’s like to run a race from what you eat before to logistics to pre-race jitters.

4. I already do underwater tennis 5 days a week…. can I do this too?
If you already have a strength training or cross training routine that you do consistently you can incorporate that into two or three of the other days of the week.
Ideally any other workouts you do would be non-impact and compliment your running routine. You could take a walk and do some stretching, strength train or take a yoga class.
But since this is your first half-marathon it’s important to remember that you have to listen to your body and pay attention to any body parts that are tight or fatigued or need rest or attention.

*Running takes a lot out on your body. And if running a half-marathon is important to you – you might have to sacrifice other activities to prioritize half-marathon training.*

5. I’m coming back from an injury… can I train for a half marathon?

No. Not until you’re 100% and cleared by a doctor. You should start day 1 of any running program healthy and free from injury.

6. I’m super busy… can I do 2 days a week? Or can I do spinning instead or walk my pet Sloth around the block??

Nope. It’s only 3 days of running but ya gotta do it.

7. Can I pretend like I’m excited but really phone it in and hope I don’t get my ass handed to me on race day?

Ummmm, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you do all the runs, eat healthy and take care of your body – you’re going to HAVE FUN running 13.1 miles! Imagine that!! Imagine race day being amazing and empowering and a blast!!

Be smart. Follow the training plan. Listen to your body. Work hard. And respect the distance.

You have to show up and do the work. 3 days a week is not a lot to ask when it comes to chasing down a big goal like running 13.1 miles!

Put it on your calendar and make it happen. The feeling of crossing that finish line on race day will make it all worth it.

Half Marathon U Fb group June 2018 (800x304) (2)


first half marathon finish

Half Marathon Training Group Options:

1. Feb 2018 to June 2018 – Want to start training NOW and run your first half marathon in June??

Fill out this form below to join the group:

Train for your first Half Marathon now!

Subscribe now to get the 16 week half marathon training plan!

Training starts the week of Feb 18 and finished with a half marathon June 9 or 10.

We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

The half marathon training group that starts now is training for a June 9 race in SoCal. If you can run it with us – AWESOME!! The more the merrier and I would love to have you join!!  Or if you have a race in your area that same weekend – sign up to join the group. It’s a great way to stay on track and stay motivated and train alongside other people with the same goal.


2. July 2018 to October 2018 – Can’t start training now but want to run a half marathon this year? There will be another group beginning in July.

* Fill out this form for the Fall half marathon waitlist.  *


February to June 2018 first time Half Marathon training plan:

Half Marathon training plan Feb 18

(Complete the form for the printable pdf version.)

Let’s go!!

**I’ll be doing a FB and IG live soon to announce this on social media and answer your questions. Stay tuned!!**

Question: Have you run a half marathon? When? Where?

NOTE: Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.

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Creamy chicken enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

These lightened-up enchiladas will satisfy your craving for this Mexican classic. 

Nutrition (per enchilada)

Protein: 20g; fat: 7g; carbs: 8g

Recipe and photo courtesy of Lori Shaw, author of the Renaissance Feast e-cookbook.

Cooking spray
16 oz jar salsa verde, divided
½ cup full fat Greek yogurt
2 cups 2% shredded Mexican blend cheese
2 Tbsp cilantro paste
1 lb chicken, cooked and shredded
8 large whole grain tortillas
¼ cup chopped green onions
Fresh chopped cilantro
How to make it 

Preheat oven to 375° Farenheit.  

Spray a 13x9x2" pan with cooking spray, then spread 1 cup of salsa verde around the prepared pan.

Combine yogurt, 1 cup cheese and 2 Tbsp cilantro paste in a small bowl.  Fold in chicken.

Warm tortillas per package directions, and spread ⅛ of the filling mix down the center of each tortilla. Roll up and place seam side down in prepared pan. Repeat until you've got all 8 in the pan.

Pour remaining salsa verde over the top of the enchiladas, and spread with spoon or spatula to cover. Bake 15 minutes. 

Top with remaining cheese, bake an additional 5-10 minutes, and sprinkle chopped green onions and cilantro over the top. Serve.

Cook Time: 
Prep Time: 

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Quick steakhouse salad

Healthy Steakhouse Salad Recipe

Whether you grill up fresh steak or use leftovers for this quick and easy recipe, you'll have a delicious, diet-friendly meal that won't disappoint. 

Nutrition (per serving)

Protein: 17g; fat: 7g; carbs: 11g

Recipe and photo courtesy of Lori Shaw, author of the Renaissance Feast e-cookbook.

3½ cups fresh baby spinach leaves
½ cup sliced red onion
5 oz grilled steak, sliced into bite sized pieces
1 cup sliced strawberries
3 Tbsp slivered almonds
½ ounce crumbled blue cheese
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
Fresh ground pepper
How to make it 

Divide baby spinach and red onion evenly between two plates.

Top with steak and strawberries.

Sprinkle with slivered almonds and cheese, then drizzle with balsamic vinegar and grind fresh pepper over top.

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How to argue with your girlfriend the right way

10 tips for arguing with your girlfriend that won't destroy your relationship

Sometimes, my boyfriend and I fight. Usually, our fights aren't earth-shattering spats that escalate to the point of a breakup or some malicious deed. We argue about the same things any newly shacked-up couple fights about: laundry, money, or leaving the toilet seat up.

However, when we do argue about one of the above, anything else that may have been brewing under the surface comes to a head and it turns into war. These type of fights always end the same way; someone says something offensive (name calling perhaps?), the other throws an explicative and goes off to stew alone.

Are we dysfunctional when a little bit of nothing turns into a big something? I asked Ian Kerner, Ph.D., sex therapist and relationship counselor and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, whether we should put down our fighting gloves and just call it a truce before it turns ugly. Or is it better to stay stubborn throughout the night and patch things up the following day?


"Strong emotions can hijack our brains and cause us to respond in unproductive ways," says Kerner. For example; when my boyfriend questions why I'm two hours late for dinner, I get defensive. Then he gets defensive that I've gotten defensive about something I should have done (like calling to tell him I was stuck at the office and to eat without me). Then we argue about my tardiness as if it's the end of the world.

Kerner goes on to say that lashing out and blowing up, or avoiding and holding grudges won't help you come to a solution about what you're really fighting about.

I tell Dr. Kerner that whenever I try to muster up the courage to call it a truce and end all the yelling, I'm too stubborn and can't bring myself to apologize. After all, he was partly wrong for making me feel guilty for having to stay at the office late.


"Part of the process of arguing with a loved one is being able to see through the other person's eyes," Kerner says. "This way you're not arguing a point, you're trying to argue a solution." Maybe apologizing for my mistake, before immediately trying to stick up for myself, will help him see that I do care about what he's saying.

Of course, sometimes when couples fight, the point of apologizing has come and gone too quickly and each person is knee-deep into proving their side of the story. When this happens, Kerner suggests taking a time-out.

"Letting the other person say what they have to say can sometimes be beneficial," he explains. "When they've finished speaking their mind, take a few minutes to cool down. If you're able to process your thoughts, you can deal with your emotions constructively the next time you speak."

Come to think of it, I never really want to fight when I'm fighting—more often than not, it's a situation blown out of proportion, which can easily be solved if I'd stop for a second to think about what I want to say.


By the time our argument has come to the final stages, we've said everything that's been getting on our nerves about one another. Now our small problem is not so small anymore and we've headed off to our separate corners to sulk in silence. Is it a good idea to stay stubborn through the night and patch things up the next day?

"Although people consider 'sleeping on it' as a good way to solve a fight, it's always best to deal with a situation as soon as possible," says Kerner. "The memories and feelings will still be fresh and you can really pinpoint what's bothering one another and what's a workable solution for both of you."

Will my boyfriend and I be able to put our stubbornness aside and fight productively? Next time, I'm putting Dr. Kerner's advice to the test. Although, I'm not looking to fight, in any relationship it's always best to communicate about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fighting the right way can be the key to coming to a positive solution for the both of you.

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How to walk off the pounds

Walking Outside

For some people looking to drop a significant amount of weight, strapping on a pair of running shoes just may not be an option. But that doesn't mean you can't hit the treadmill for a good cardio session anyway. If a run hurts your back too much or you lose your breath too quickly, try burning calories by walking.

Nicki Anderson, president of Reality Fitness and author of Nicki Anderson's Single-Step Weight Loss Solution, tells you how.


If you decide to join a gym, commit to walking three to five days per week for 20 minutes per session. Once that's easy, step it up. Think in tens—a 10% increase in the amount of time you're walking or a 10% increase in your incline or speed. To keep from getting bored, set goals. If it normally takes you 20 minutes to cover a mile, aim for 18 minutes in your next session.



If you'd rather start outside, you should still plan on walking three to five days per week for at least 20 minutes. Begin at your regular pace. When you're ready to go harder, look for a marker (a fire hydrant or a stop sign) 40 yards ahead of you and walk as fast as you can until you hit it. Then return to your regular speed. Repeat every couple of minutes so you can slowly build up your conditioning level. Basically, it's beginner level interval training.

Your goal

Keep walking regularly until you can clear three miles in less than 45 to 60 minutes. Once you can do that, you should be ready to move on to running.


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10 ways to win the war on colds and the flu

Sick Man in Bed

If there's one thing that's inevitable each season, it's a case of the sniffles. There's no bypassing colds and the flu—both are respiratory illnesses caused by viruses, explains Pritish Tosh, M.D., an infectious disease physician at the Mayo Clinic—but there are ways to bolster your body's immune system.

To effectively ward off this season's sicknesses—without holing up in your house—use these preemptive tips.

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Tiger Woods reveals insane daily training routine from the prime of his golf career

Tiger Woods

Even though he’s slipped off the top perch in recent years because of injuries and off-the-course issues, Tiger Woods hasn’t forgotten about the days when he was the most physically dominant golfer on the PGA Tour.


Woods had the chance to remind himself of those peak years recently when he was traveling with fellow golfer Justin Thomas—who is pretty physically fit himself—and revealed the daily routine he used to stay in shape in an interview with the Golf Channel.


Thomas, who won the 2017 PGA Championship and added 15lbs of muscle to his frame last season, asked Woods, “What did you used to do when you were about my age?”

Here was Woods’ answer:

“Well, I used to get up in the morning, run four miles," Woods said. "Then I’d go to the gym, do my lift. Then I’d hit balls for two to three hours. I’d go play, come back, work on my short game. I’d go run another four more miles, and then if anyone wanted to play basketball or tennis, I would go play basketball or tennis. That was a daily routine. I’m not doing any of that now.”



While Woods is long past the days when he’d do that routine, it just shows one of the many reasons why he was the top golfer on the planet for over a decade. 


Want to up your golf game? Give these workouts, programs, and tips from Men’s Fitness a try. 





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The best and worst time to eat a fatty meal

Cheeseburger and French Fries

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, timing is everything.

For example, recent research found that when guys ate carbs after exercise, they torched more fat in the three hours post-workout than if they ate carbs before. Now, scientists have pinpointed an optimal time to eat saturated fats to minimize their negative effects.

In the Texas A&M Health Science Center and Texas A&M AgriLife study, researchers discovered what makes saturated fats "bad" may have more to do with when you eat them than anything else. "[Because] chronic inflammation is determined by what saturated fats you have in your diet and when you eat them...the best time to eat a high-fat meal is early in the morning," says study author David Earnest, Ph.D.  (Hello, bacon and eggs!) "And probably the worst time is late at night."

Researchers are unclear on why, but saturated fat produces the greatest degree of inflammation when consumed late at night, increasing your risk for metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. (So you might want to work on that midnight snacking habit of yours—or swap out the chips and ice cream for one of these healthier alternatives.)


The irregularity in your work schedule and mealtime from weekday to the weekend isn't helping, Earnest says. But, there is something you can do if you're stuck with a late-night drive thru meal. (Other than checking out what a ripped guy would eat at every fast food restaurant ever.)

The researchers examined the consumption of saturated fats versus polyunsaturated "good" fats (specifically DHA). They found that the former basically causes "jet lag" in cells so some are reset to different "time zones." When your whole body moves into a different time zone, you're fine for the most part. But inflammation seems to happen when some cells are shifted but others aren't. However, when researchers disrupted the inflammatory response (caused by bad saturated fat) with DHA, the omega-3 fatty acid blocked the resetting of body clocks to the wrong time.

So, to counter the effects of consuming meals at sporadic times and eating snacks high in saturated fats late at night, it's important to bolster your diet with foods high in Omega-3s like nuts and salmon, per Earnest. 

This won't completely block the inflammatory effects of saturated fats that cause metabolic disorders, but it will regulate their negative impact and reduce your risk for disease, Earnest says.


from Men's Fitness

7 gross workout habits that wreck your skin

Claire Benoist

Sure, you hit the gym for your health, but looking good is also a big motivator behind buckling down. And you know what doesn’t look good on a chiseled body? A fungal infection. Or discolored toenails. Or an infected wound. Yup, we can almost guarantee that no girl is going to be OK with that.

The secret to keeping your skin safe from the creepy crawlers in the weight room, dugout or open water: Not slacking when it comes to covering up and cleaning up.


Use this guide to grade your hygiene habits and shield your skin from unsightly infections, like heat rash, eczema, and athlete’s foot.

from Men's Fitness